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Icing On The Cake

Icing or no icing - THAT is the question!

Which of these two cakes do you find most appealing?

Without icing...

Or WITH icing...

The answer seems obvious... however due to cliche's (a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought)Lighting is often referred to as the "icing on the cake"!  

I decided to write my post about this particular Cliche as I don't think people have really thought about what a cake would look like without icing! 

Lighting by a Lighting Expert vs. a DJ

I know this may stir some discomfort in the bellies of my DJ peeps... but this blog is for the Bride and I think she needs to be educated about lighting so she can KNOW what she is getting if she hires the DJ to do her lighting!  

The DJ's will go nameless ~ Calling them out is NOT my intent!

Here is a shot of lighting done by a DJ @ Andiamo's in Warren.  

Why are there 2 lights right next to each other and big spaces between the other ones?

And who cares if the lights are so bright they shoot 20'?

Monogram Image Projections

Monogram Image projections are a very popular request.  

Whether it is your full names, initials, a quote or a symbol that is special to you both, choosing the right image for your venue can make the difference between "WoW, that's Cool" and "What is that?"!

Not every venue has the same possibilities for placement of the image. 

Most people want the image on the dance floor, however, unless the placement possibility is perfect for the fixture shooting the image, the dance floor isn't necessarily the best place.

Proper Tent Lighting

Lighting a tent right is much more than up lighting. 
Yes, up light accents are effective to draw attention to specific areas.
Like the head table.
However, to get any kind of ambiance in the rest of the tent
you have to light the ceiling - correctly!

Transforming a gymnasium

Are you having your event in the Church Social Hall? 
A gymnasium?  Or any big room that just isn't
pretty or romantic?
Here is your Solution!
Go from this: 
To This ... !
Complete Transformation of Space!

Crystal Gardens - Howell, Michigan - Jessica Brooks

There is a great benefit to being in the "industry" and getting married!  You know who has all the coolest toys!  Jessica Brooks (formerly Jessica Clum) and her new hubby Trevor had their wedding reception at Crystal Gardens in Howell, Michigan (of course)!

Artistic Lighting for the Wedding Cake

The heck with a "Pin Spot" on the wedding 
cake!  When you get Wedding Lighting 
from The Lighting Guy - You get ART!

Adat Shalom, Farmington Hills, Mi - May 26, 2012

Are you totally excited about a particular venue, but concerned that it is too big for the size of your party?  No problem!  The Lighting Guy can make the room any size you want - perfect for your party!  We create the walls with our drape!  Finished with up lights and  exquisitely lit centerpieces!